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Small Business PictureSmall BusinessNot only large businesses generate lots of records. Many small businesses are drowning in a sea of paper clutter. It is a growing problem that is normally given little consideration. Records of small businesses are often considered unimportant and are stored in a garage, basement, attic, closet or self storage facility. Boxes are often stacked on top of each other and are in poor condition, making it difficult and time consuming to find anything. Nobody wants to tackle the re-filing, causing the problem to grow again. Small businesses can benefit the same way large businesses do from our efficient records management system, saving space, time, and money while reducing the risks associated with information protection laws. We offer a big business records management solution for a small price, helping small business run at a higher efficiency.
DeliveredWe can handle any pickup or delivery from a single file to a full semi truck.  We offer same day, next day, express, or scheduled deliveries.
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ScanUpon authorized request, Fileguard will provide fast, electronic delivery of your hardcopy documents.
DeliveredActivity is recorded
24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Only authorized Fileguard personnel have access to alarmed records areas.