Logo Slogan
Our job is to safeguard your information from damage,
loss and unauthorized access. Our secure, climate
controlled records center has been designed to
protect against environmental and criminal
threats. Without signage, we keep the
location of our storage anonymous. Only
authorized Fileguard personnel have access
to the alarmed storage areas. Security
cameras record activity, 24 hours per day.
We use random shelving methods and boxes
marked only with a barcode, making
identification of specific records impossible
without an authorized client order.
PicTitleA common sentiment about business records that are stored in the back room, a basement, attic, or elsewhere is “out of sight, out of mind.” This thinking represents a potential risk of a privacy breach when nobody is looking. A vast array of state and federal laws govern the management, retention, accessibility, privacy and security designed to safeguard information and prevent abuses. These laws have a significant bearing on recordkeeping responsibilities. Our service helps to simplify compliance with regulations and mitigates the risks involved with unprotected information.
DeliveredWe can handle any pickup or delivery from a single file to a full semi truck.  We offer same day, next day, express, or scheduled deliveries.
Scan On Demand
ScanUpon authorized request, Fileguard will provide fast, electronic delivery of your hardcopy documents.
DeliveredIdentified only by a unique barcode, your boxes and files are securely tracked.