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We’re going digital so why do I need your service?
We provide an inexpensive way to aid in the transition to digital while maintaining a hard copy backup. Documents can be scanned when needed, saving the high up front cost of converting hard copy to digital. The requirement of authenticating original documents to a court or government, the need to have a failsafe backup system in the event of a crash or disaster, the high cost of digitizing, data storage, backup and recovery, and fast changing technology, are all reasons to maintain hard copies of your records.
Scan On Demand
ScanUpon authorized request, Fileguard will provide fast, electronic delivery of your hardcopy documents.
DeliveredWe can handle any pickup or delivery from a single file to a full semi truck.  We offer same day, next day, express, or scheduled deliveries.
On Site Viewing
OnsiteUse our private conference room to review or collect
needed information.